Just Show Up

Just show up. A good friend of mine used to say those three words all the time. He believed that showing up was 70% of leadership. At first, I wasn’t sure I really bought into his philosophy. Yet, as the years went by, I started to change my mind. We had discussions on this idea in more detail and eventually I bought into his philosophy.

If you’re like me, you might not understand what he meant when he said showing up is 70% of leadership. What my friend meant was to be present in each and every moment. Don’t stress about what is coming tomorrow or things you cannot control. Instead, just show up and do your best in each moment of every day.

When I get the opportunity to welcome new electricians to the Interstates family, I often share this story. I tell them that they just need to show up on time every day, have a good attitude, and they will succeed. Most of the time, it is truly as simple as that! When you show up and maintain a positive attitude, you will have a positive impact on the people around you. Ultimately, that is how you will grow and succeed. In memory of my good friend, I challenge you to just show up today and every day.


Dave Los, Interstates VP of Operations