Interstates Receives Safety Excellence Award

Interstates has been awarded the Construction Industry Safety Excellence (CISE) award by the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT). Dave Crumrine, President of Construction, states "We were so honored to win this industry leading award for safety. When an owner group of this caliber recognizes our safety program and culture, it’s a wonderful recognition of what our team does every day to make this a reality in the field, where it counts." To win this award, Interstates was in competition with a pool of well-known and established companies with an international footprint. The ceremony took place on November 5 in Clearwater, Florida.

Companies who apply for this award must demonstrate that they have an aggressive safety program that goes above and beyond safety regulations and the CURT safety program.

What is Construction Users Roundtable (CURT)?

CURT is an association of leading corporations dedicated to the promotion of cost effective construction methods. The members, as major consumers of construction services seek to foster improved construction safety performance through recognition of the achievement of excellence and the promotion of proven effective work practices.

What is Construction Industry Safety Excellence Award (CISE)?

The CISE Award seeks to encourage efforts to improve safety by recognizing safety leaders in all segments of the construction industry. Award applications were distributed to CURT members as well as leading national contractor associations and local construction user councils throughout the United States and Canada.


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