Interstates Encourages Teamwork and Growth. Let’s Build!

At Interstates, we ask our employees to complete a DISC Assessment (a personality test). DISC stands for “Dominant,” “Influential,” “Steady” and “Conscientious.” These classifications are one of the ways we get to understand and know our employees – how they work best, what their strengths and weaknesses are and how to provide them with the optimal environment to succeed as a team member.

One of our employees shared his DISC experience with us. During his first week, he got to know his peers, all of whom were very friendly and welcoming. They worked with him to find his best fit at Interstates, and equipped him with tools to set him up for success. He was pleasantly surprised at the amount of commitment and investment Interstates puts into all its employees, new and old. He remembers thinking, “Do other companies do this?”

Two weeks into his Interstates career, he received another surprise. The President of Interstates Control Systems, Jack Woelber, wanted to sit down with him and other new employees to learn about their skill sets and things they enjoy. During the conversation, Jack talked about Interstates’ goals and encouraged employees to ask questions about the organization and its leadership and share any problems or concerns. He found this level of effort, caring, and transparency surprising, yet very refreshing. It was at this moment he realized what a unique organization he had joined.

This employee feels proud and grateful to have joined the Interstates family. While he continues to experience appreciation and teamwork, he says he’s reminded of the care and commitment from colleagues on a daily basis. At Interstates, we ask all employees to complete these assessments so that we can better understand our teams and how we can best work together. By knowing each other’s strengths and areas we can improve on, we can build stronger relationships and better serve our clients.

Interested in joining our team? Interstates. Let’s Build.


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