Innovating in the New Normal

Let’s face it, the current times are uncertain and challenging. You’ve heard that over and over again, but why shouldn’t we all just hunker down and wait it out? Our answer is that change is inevitable. When there is a significant change, there is both a need and an opportunity to help within the change. In short, we believe necessity is the mother of all invention. 

While the New Normal is still an uncertainty, one thing has been clear throughout the pandemic - our clients need our help. This surfaced in ways that we hadn’t seen before and were not traditional to how we’ve provided support in the pastAfter a few weeks of playing defense and simply working to respond to everyone’s needs, we settled down and said, “time to play some offense for our clients. 

At Interstates, “Pursuing a Better Way” is one of our three Whys. We took this as an opportunity to listen and help determine what this better way might be. In doing this, we set out to collect our clients needs with the intention to better serve them.  We then turned these needs into a set of solutions that could continue to support them when the New Normal does shake out.   

To do this, we quickly rounded up over 100 of our client-facing team members, put them in small video chat groups, and asked them to share what they were hearing from clients and anticipate what their business might need from us in the New Normal. The team responded in spades with over 150 ideas. These ideas were vetted, grouped, and distilled. The outcome was 5 significant offers that we are developing and will put in front of the world in hopes they can help some of our clients 

These offers range from how to better provide for our clients remotely to helping to improve health and safety for our employees and our clients. 

As we work to bring these offers to market, we’ve put them through trials where some have already trickled out. The New Normal is just that – new. Because we’re in uncharted territory we must be willing to learn and adjust. The beauty of innovation is learning from what doesn’t work and continuing to improve it.  

Look for more as we bring these offers to the market in the coming weeks. Give me a ring if you are impatient or in real need…we will figure it out with you.  


Dave Crumrine, President


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