How a Little Grit Can Inspire Your Team and Impact Your Organization

A Little Grit is Good

Lately, I have heard a lot of chatter about grit at my children’s schools and inside some professional circles. As leaders, it appears the most sought after employees are those with built-in grit who can make a great impact on an organization. Grit is most simply defined as perseverance and it assumes that failure is a temporary part of learning. Only through failure and learning will you accomplish an end goal.

Most of us would like to think that people either have grit or they do not. Surprisingly, research does not support that theory. Instead, people learn grit through their unique life experiences. Grit can be learned at a very young age and later on throughout life. Grit can also be coached. The key for leaders is to understand that we have to model grit in our own work and style, while also helping our people find their own grit. Only then can we truly integrate grit into our organizations.

Grit at Interstates

At Interstates, we believe our legacy involves grit. The challenge is to keep building grit into our culture and the people around us. This includes new team members, business partners, project partners, and clients. I see grit as an important part of our Leader Model under LEADING PEOPLE – Interstates Leaders Develop, Coach and Motivate.

How strong is your grit?  How do you coach grit into your team? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Keep leading the Interstates way.

This blog post was written by Dave Crumrine.



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