From Apprentice to Leader: Austin

You may come into Interstates with big dreams to be a leader, and we want to make that happen. Hear from Austin Schmidt, Superintendent, how he started as an apprentice and now fulfilled the dream of being a leader. 

From Apprentice to Leader: Austin Schmidt, Superintendent, Sioux Center, IA. 

What led you to Interstates Apprenticeship Program?

Following tech school, I wanted to get out of the area and experience new things. I enjoyed the industrial aspect of electrical work – I wasn’t interested in residential or commercial. Interstates was a good fit for me.  

What were your goals at the time?

As some time passed, I knew I wanted to be a leader and a bigger part of the organization.  

What did you discover about the Interstates Apprenticeship Program?

Interstates had everything in order. The testing and documentation were all taken care of. I just had to put in the effort for the classes and in the books. Interstates made the rest simple.  

How long have you been at Interstates?

17 years, and 8 years in my current position.  

What is the reason you’ve continued to stay?

I enjoy the work I do and the people I get to work with. That is number one. Also, there are opportunities to advance for people who want to move up. The reason my path to Leadership happened was that the people leading me gave me great opportunities. I would not have my role now if it was not for them. The strong leaders that came before us make us great leaders.  

Now, follow Austin as he takes you through his office.


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