What Nobody Tells You About Successful Employee Development

Investing in Your People

People are often only limited by themselves. At Interstates, we are fortunate to have great leaders who truly care about their employees. Our leaders do an outstanding job of investing in their people by providing opportunities for growth and development. To accomplish this, we’ve invested heavily in leadership training, development guides, effective on-boarding, and career guidance. While we don’t always execute these perfectly and we’re still learning, we do make strong efforts to advance our people. The rewards of employee development are obvious. Our people grow and become leaders, often taking on new leadership roles in the company.

Yet, there’s one thing nobody tells you about successful employee development. When you invest in your people, they become more marketable. Unfortunately, this means some of your best performers may choose to pursue other opportunities or seek a higher position than their current role. Additionally, your competition may recognize and target these employees for the skills and talent you helped develop.

The Choice is Yours

Ultimately, you have a choice. You can either become bitter and limit investing, or you can continue building a strong organization. When an organization takes the time and effort to develop it’s people, it creates a pipeline of future talent. As you invest in your people, your organization will become a choice employer for current and potential employees. Current employees will recognize the effort you put into their careers and feel a sense of loyalty. Potential employees may recognize this as well and be interested in joining. Therefore, continually improving your development programs will reinforce a good reputation. It will also make your organization stronger overall. Who knows, former employees may even show up at your door again.


Andrew Roelfs, Interstates Human Resources

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