Create. Lead. Achieve with Kamran Loghman

This blog post was written by Sharz Neitge.

Last week, Kamran Loghman, Chief Global Instructor at Apple, hosted the final portion of the “Create, Lead, Achieve” executive training workshop at Interstates. We were thrilled to welcome Kamran to our Sioux Center office once again as he is one of the most sought-after experts for creativity, leadership, and performance. Kamran has a unique way of captivating his audience with his engaging manner of speaking and power-packed workshop. Throughout the presentation, we learned more about Kamran’s background and philosophies, and how he applies those ideas in business. Interestingly, he has an extensive background in ancient warrior wisdom traditions and methodologies. Kamran utilizes this information along with the latest research findings in neuroscience and evolutionary psychology to demonstrate how they benefit every aspect of our lives and encourage creative thinking and leadership. Fascinating, right?

During this portion of the program we took time to reflect on our own performance and leadership styles. Kamran gave us some guidelines for leader communication which included: good posture; steady eye-contact; making an effort to remember names; active listening; and using a calm, yet empowering tone of voice. Surprisingly, these simple actions can make an incredible difference when communicating with others. As we made our way through the workshop, Kamran focused on these key areas:

  • Becoming the Best Version of Yourself
  • Values of a True Leader
  • Relations and Teamwork
  • Decisions and Choices
  • Strategy and Navigation
  • Servant Leadership

The final and possibly most impactful piece of advice Kamran gave us was the importance of being a servant leader. He stressed the significance of finding ways to inspire and empower the people around us as real leaders must not be selfish. This is an idea we hope to instill in all our leaders moving forward. Poor leadership can have a negative impact on an entire organization. Thus, we must remember the importance of building strong leaders who will empower each of our employees to develop great leadership qualities as well. Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better workshop with Kamran. We loved every minute of the training experience and wouldn’t mind if he wanted to stop by again in the future!