Next Generation Control Systems Support

Control Systems Support

The Interstates Control Systems, Inc. support team has been busy developing the next generation of support services. Our support services give clients much more than a standard break/fix type support.

We completely revamped our support offerings and added proactive services including:

  • Remote system health and status monitoring
  • Error log monitoring
  • Data and system backup solution monitoring

The goal of these proactive services is to detect potential issues early and fix them before they cause a process upset or a plant downtime incident. We know that downtime is extremely expensive and can seriously impact your ability to provide product to your own clients. Additionally, downtime can have negative downstream impacts to supplier and customer relationships. Therefore, we make it our mission to help you with all your support needs.

What’s New at Interstates

Our team also offers on-site services including:

  • Critical PID control loop tuning
  • Control system obsolescence auditing services
  • Auditing for proper use of the control system
  • Providing operator training services

Our on-site team can be utilized to make minor changes to the system to help it operate more efficiently or to improve product quality. We have increased our full-time dedicated staff to almost a dozen support professionals. These individuals are capable of supporting most hardware and software platforms currently on the market, as well as many legacy systems for which support is difficult to find. We support all systems designed and installed by our team as well as systems that were designed and installed by others.

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We offer 24x7x365 support. Whatever your needs, we have a plan that will consistently exceed expectations. To learn more about our support services and find out how we can help you, please call our Support Manager, Adam Van Schepen, at: 712-722-1663 x2119.


Jeff Miller, Interstates Director of Project Management