What is the Interstates Foundation?

The Interstates Foundation is aligned with our Interstates Core helping to enhance company culture by creating opportunities for team members to serve their communities. Our goal is to positively impact our communities while inspiring the Interstates Family to serve. We do this by:

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Creating opportunities for team members to connect with each other.
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Encouraging a servant leadership mindset.
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Supporting organizations financially.
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Investing our unique skills and talents in training and growth opportunities for others.

How We Serve

The Interstates Foundation supports programs and organizations that involve Interstates team members, aligns with the Interstates Core, and promotes the development of people and leadership. Learn more about a few of the initiatives that the Interstates Foundation drives.


EIL for Non-Profits

Excellence in Leadership (EIL) for Non-Profits is a leadership program for non-profit leaders to develop their leadership skills. In a small group setting, we share leadership strategies, tools, and resources ultimately to serve their teams and organizations better. EIL is an intensive, core piece of our leadership training at Interstates. We encourage our leaders to go through this multi-session training and have graduated 29 classes since 2003.

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My experience with EIL was positive. There were a lot of concepts that I learned about as a brand-new concept; also, a lot of things that I maybe have heard before, but I was able to think about how I could apply them day-to-day. It was also just positive to connect with the other non-profit organizations.

Amy McAlpine, Excellence in Leadership graduate, 2021 Promise Community Health Center

News & Insights

Read more about how the Interstates Foundation impacts team members and members of our surrounding communities.

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