Why Communicating with Respect Matters

Communication Today

Does it seem to you that much of the communication that happens today is polarizing, intended to divide us? If the topic is politics, opinions seem to have become more extreme than they have in the past. Even on social media, friends throw out their thoughts without having to defend them with facts. Maybe we feel the need to dramatize everything to gain and retain viewership. Sadly, whatever the reason, it seems that communication has become increasingly polarizing. Additionally, a difference of opinion often escalates to personal attacks and combative conversations. Insulting someone publicly, in news media and on social media, seems to be a regular occurrence. Therefore, we need to remember that just because we see this happen regularly, doesn’t mean we should engage in that type of dialogue.

A Little Respect Goes a Long Way

While we certainly won’t agree with everyone, we need to be willing to listen to the views of others even as we respectfully share our own. We must show that we care for others, even if we don’t agree with them. Regardless of their opinion, everyone deserves respect. Even when we are passionate about our opinion and bold in sharing our thoughts, if we are open to the fact that we could be wrong, it will keep the conversation safe. Who knows, we may even learn something!

Because communication around certain issues has become so polarizing and emotional, we often avoid those conversations with people we know may not agree with us. I have personally failed twice in the past week on this issue. In one instance, I didn’t keep the conversation safe and squashed the dialog. In the other, I was afraid to bring up the topic for fear of offending the person. After these experiences, I learned an important lesson about communication. I encourage you to always start dialog in a respectful way; with a mindset that accepts a difference of opinion and a heart that cares personally about the other person. As a leader, we have a responsibility to allow others to be heard and respected. Forstering an environment that encourages dialog and debate in a healthy way will gain you knowledge as well as respect.

Keep leading the Interstates way.


This blog post was written by Jack Woelber.