Why Change is Good for You and Your Business

Change, Change, Change

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”
– Will Rogers

Change. As I sit and ponder this word, there are two things I notice. First, whenever you repeat a word over and over in your head, it starts to sound silly. Try it for a minute. Change, change, change, change. If you smiled or laughed to yourself, you’re just like me! Second, I realize that repeating the word until it sounds almost unrecognizable is likely the only way to get amusement out of the word change. Change means something different for everyone. For many, change can cause a reaction of panic, anxiety, or fear. Yet, not all change is bad. If you have the right attitude, change can be good for you and your business.

Just Keep Moving

Over the last year, Interstates has implemented several new systems – Adept, Lean Planner, and HCM. These systems have greatly impacted my day-to-day tasks as an office manager. In addition to learning how to navigate the new systems, I need to stay up-to-date on the technology. These systems are continually upgrading and changing all the time. So what does this mean for us? As I read Will Rogers’ quote above, I can’t help but think that all change is good change. Change can move us sideways, backwards, or forwards, but at least we’re moving. The only way to avoid getting run over is to keep moving. There will be times when we must take a step back so we can move forward, and that is okay. That is what change is about; muddling through it until you figure it out. In the end, change is good and essential to both personal and business growth.

What does change mean to you?


This blog post was written by Jamie Hettwer.