Benefits of Agile in a Systems Integrator World

From project development to general productivity, your company can benefit from an Agile project delivery methodology. The following list outlines some of the benefits:

Agile visualizes overall project development

Clients get to see and discuss progress about every four weeks, much more often than with standard Waterfall project delivery. These frequent progress reports ensure the client gets what it wants and prevents sweeping changes late in the game due to misunderstood expectations.

Agile reduces rework

Any changes are found early and resolved quickly, driving satisfaction for internal team members. No one likes rework, especially far along in a project.

Agile shortens project duration

When the team is solely focused on knocking out the design, it can be reviewed and approved by the client faster. You can go from start to finish with the design in one sprint, a process which may have taken six weeks without Agile.

Agile increases productivity

An Agile delivery methodology definitely increases productivity. You can come in under budget on manhours and have more time to fully test the end product. Smoother startups drive higher client satisfaction.

Agile runs on quality

After each sprint, senior staff review and sign off on all deliverables before closing out the tasks. Lessons learned can be applied as you go instead of relearning them over and over.

Agile can make a huge impact on how you deliver projects to your clients. It pays to think about how the Agile methodology could help your company become faster and more productive.

This article was originally published by Automation World.

Jeff Miller, Director of Project Management


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