The Next Normal

Much of what we do here at Interstates supports your Capital Assets. Whether we are designing it, building it, automating it or protecting and servicing it, we know that making your plant work better for you is what it’s all about. That being said, change is afoot in the Capital Projects industry – and it looks to be good and needed change. Since it seems like the New Normal keeps on shifting, we are using “Next” Normal to identify with our changing working environment.

Change seems to be coming from multiple directions but culminating in the idea that “We need to do this differently.” None of the ideas are new, but their convergence seems to be making a more significant dent in what is “normal” than ever before. Digitization is more available than ever. The capacity to fabricate more standard assemblies is growing exponentially and players throughout the value stream recognize the need to work as a team to deliver, both early in the planning of the job and all the way through startup.

As Intestates wraps up our strategic planning cycle for the year, I want you to be assured we have our eye on the future – your future. As the great Wayne Gretzky once said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” This is why we explore what might happen in the Next Normal: so we can build the capabilities to make a difference in your business and be ready when it needs to look different. Our industry needs to leap forward, and it is starting to happen. Be open. Be supportive of the change our industry needs. If you want to know what we specifically see and are preparing for, give us a call. We would love a chance to explore your specific Next Normal.

Dave Crumrine, President

712.722.1662 x1153