Are you too busy to be productive?

I had an uncle who sold investments and I remember him saying, “Most people are too busy working to make any money.” At the time, that seemed like a huge oxymoron to me. However, that was his way to get your attention and make a point. How you invest your money plays an important role in retirement planning.

So, are we actually too busy working to be productive? At first glance, that may also seem like an oxymoron. However, we have recently been discussing how busy we are at work. In all that business and in the “doing” we may forget to think bigger. There is a reason that we have some great ideas while daydreaming in the shower – seriously! Studies have shown that people often have more creative inspiration in the shower than they do at work. This is due to the relaxing environment. Relaxation allows our brains time for creative thinking and to see the big picture.

Unfortunately, for most of us relaxing isn’t in our job description. It has been hard work, nose to the grindstone, and extra effort that has been recognized and rewarded. And while all those things are good, anything to an extreme can become a weakness. We are pretty good at squeezing all the white space out of our lives both personally and professionally. Taking time regularly to get away, slow down, relax, and allow your mind to wander could be some of your most productive time. How you spend your time plays an important role in how productive you are at work. Though we should be careful not to confuse “busy” with “productive.”


Jack Woelber, Interstates Control Systems, Inc. President



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