Pursuing a Better Way with Analytics

Transforming Information

Wouldn’t it be great if knowledge and innovation could be ordered through Amazon and showed up in your mailbox? Sure, you can order books on history, schools, how-to’s, and instructions; they will show up in the mail. But that does not mean you gain knowledge or create innovation. For now, let’s call that data.

Once you receive those books, they don’t do any good unless you take the next step and read them. When reading, you also need to ensure you understand the material. Reading and understanding gives you the critical next step. For now, let’s call that information. What value is there in collecting information if it never gets used? Very little. Maybe you know smart people who know a lot of facts. Yet, without applying that information in some way, they can’t leverage it into something useful.

The same is true when we evaluate how we can help and support our clients. For years we have been capturing data off the plant floor and storing it in databases. We then take that data and turn it into information by sharing it in reports, dashboards, etc. Our next goal is to help them take that information and transform it into innovative outcomes. Let’s call that analytics.

Bigger, Better, Stronger, Faster

Over the past few years, gathering data has become less expensive; therefore, we are doing more and more of it. We aren’t even sure what we will do with the information, but it is not very expensive to collect. Taking all that data, turning it into information, and then leveraging it for our clients is an opportunity to help our clients become bigger, better, stronger, and faster.

We have developed a division within Interstates Control Systems, Inc. to help us deliver that service, and we are calling it our Analytics division. This division can work with our clients and help them determine how they can become better by reducing cost, increasing productivity, increasing consistency, or increasing efficiency. So, by taking the data, turning it into information, applying knowledge, and helping them innovate, we offer our clients two of our “whys.” Why does Interstates exist: Making a difference for our clients and pursuing a better way. It fits right in our wheelhouse.

Keep leading the Interstates Way!

Jack Woelber