Adept – What is it and how do we use it at Interstates?

Adept Document Management System

A few years ago we adopted Adept as our document management system. Currently, we have a total of 174,800 documents saved in the system. Our long-term goal is for Adept to be a universal system utilized throughout the company. As of now, Interstates Construction, Interstates Engineering, Technical Services, and Procurement use Adept.

According to Synergis, Adept is a software that helps you find, manage, share, and control engineering, CAD, and business throughout the project or product life cycle. It is used to support features like simplifying document access, automating workflows, and to facilitate collaboration.

This program allows field teams immediate access to updated documents. Allowing them to use and redline for those in office. Additionally, this reduces printing, shipping, and marking up physical copies of those documents for more real-time results.

Why We Like Adept

Previously used systems, caused some issues for us. Documents were often moved from folder to folder accidentally or deleted unintentionally. Now, moving and deleting documents is restricted to Adept Admins. There are also features that save previously created versions of documents to allow access for reference or recovery.

Additionally, Adept decreases time spent searching for documents. Each document stored in Adept has its own data card. Similar to a library system, it tracks different metadata about that particular document. This includes the customer and customer location, type of document, and the document status. Once populated, a search card can be opened and used for finding any document based off its assigned metadata. The search feature can be as specific or vague as the user prefers and then narrowed down.

With time, we’ve discovered tips and tricks for working with Adept. Although we’re not completely immersed in Adept yet and no system is absolutely perfect, we have learned to make it our own.


Lindsey Hellinga, Interstates Division Assistant