A Day in the Life of an Applications Developer

Check out this Q&A with Galacia, Interstates Applications Developer!

What is your role at Interstates?

I am an Applications Developer working in the Sioux Falls Office of Interstates.

What did you go to school for (and where), and how did you get into your current profession?

Originally, I went to Dakota State University for Game Design and Mathematics. Later, I went back and earned a third bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. While all three curriculums had useful skills to teach, it was the last degree that inspired me to pursue a development internship in the Sioux Falls Area. Soon after graduation, I accepted a position at Interstates!

What do you enjoy most about your job and why?

Being a developer, or Software Engineer as I like to call it, is rewarding on so many levels. I enjoy the daily interactions I get when working with my team to better the products we offer. There’s also a lot of fun in problem-solving – I get to use logic AND my creativity to brainstorm and refine solutions. My favorite part of the job is utilizing all my skills – logic, creativity, and communication – to bring value to my team, the company, and our clients.

What’s the most challenging part of your job and why?

The changes you want to see can sometimes take time to implement. Even with the best of ideas, it can be tough to integrate them into the workflow of peers, your team, and the company. Despite the hardships of passing along messages and advice through the hierarchy, individuals I’ve worked with have been superb at rising to that challenge. Everyone here is receptive to new ideas, and adamant about matching a person’s passion to making changes happen.

What keeps you going on tough days?

On the tough days, it’s that attitude that makes it easy to stay positive and focused. We’re all aware that there’s plenty of opportunities to make our company better. If something less than fortunate happens, everyone does their best. We support each other, analyze where we could have done more, and plan out what changes can be implemented to prevent future incidents.

What advice would you give someone hoping to enter this field/profession?

If I had any advice for someone looking for work in this field, I would say ‘find yourself a Company with a culture you can thrive in’. Interstates does a wonderful job of building great culture, providing the means to make the place you work even better when you’ve got ideas. During college, it was sometimes depicted that technical skills and striving to be ‘the best at your craft’ would bring you the most success and happiness. Interstates has helped strengthen my belief that while those skills are important, even application development is wholeheartedly a team-centric profession. Being a good communicator has always been one of my main goals as a developer, and this company has shown me that there’s plenty of success to be had for pursuing a great culture.


Galacia Pokos, Interstates Application Developer


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