1,000 Family Members

A couple years ago, I had to start checking the ’50-60 year-old’ box on the demographic category of various surveys. I have to admit that it didn’t thrill me. This past January, Interstates also had to start marking a different box: 1000+ employees.  That has been a much more enjoyable change!

This is my reflection:

  • WOW!!!  That is amazing.
  • We talked about having 1,000 people at Interstates about 15 years ago, and none of us could picture it. It seemed so far away that it felt impossible.
  • I think about how much Interstates has grown and changed in 5, 10, 20+ years.
  • Then, I think about how much Interstates has remained the same

It’s easy to focus on what is in front of us – like the things we have to do and activities we are looking forward to. We also talk about the future and what is to come. Milestones are an opportunity to stop, reflect and enjoy the moment.  This milestone did that for me.

There are two things the Sr. Team is most proud about this milestone

  1. We grew for the right reason. This growth has created a lot of opportunities for our people. It also allowed us to re-invest in our team and in our systems/technology, and it helped us grow with our clients.
  2. Our Interstates Core (Values, Vision & Whys = our Culture) is getting stronger every day. We love hearing about how each of you are living out the Interstates Core. It blows us away to see the passion, the caring, and the love that our people have (for each other and for the work).

Yes, Interstates is a big family. The number is cool and a great milestone for us to be proud of and celebrate. The most impressive part of all of this is the 1,000+ Interstates family members pulling together to build a great culture in order to serve others!  That is truly the Interstates Way!


Scott Peterson, Interstates CEO


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