2011 – fall Issue

Open Communication Basis for Success

Tyson Foods, Dakota City, NE is expanding production. In preparation for this expansion, Tyson is increasing material handling capabilities and Interstates was selected to perform the electrical installation work for this Material Handling Upgrade project. Work at the Dakota City, NE facility began in May 2011 and startup was September 2011.

While it is not uncommon for Interstates to perform work in an operating facility, it does add complexity when working in areas with food grade product that require special accommodations for cleanliness and safety. Throughout the project, Interstates worked closely with Tyson to ensure that we could incorporate our lean and agile processes along with their standards for cleanliness and order.

As an example, one of Interstates' lean and agile processes includes use of mobile workstations for craft team members to keep tools and materials close to their work area. Tyson's regular standards prohibit leaving anything in the area, especially along walkways. Interstates worked closely with Tyson to coordinateuse of our workstations while still adhering to Tyson's cleanliness standards. Our shared commitment for a successful and timely project help make accommodations like this possible.

After performing several projects together, Interstates and Tyson have an understanding of communication and expectations for safety as well as how projects are managed and executed. There is a level of trust between the project managers at Tyson and the project managers at Interstates to ensure that the end result is best for the client. Good communication practices leads to a trusting work environment.

This particular project consisted of wiring and instrumentation installation in three main areas: sealer room, material handling and a new palletizer. In both the sealer room and material handling areas, Interstates installed power and controls to new conveyor equipment. Interstates also provided power installation to a new palletizer. The project included installation of 197 motors and 396 devices and the addition of 4 PLCs and 12 starter panels that were assembled by Interstates Control Systems team members.

"I was very pleased with Interstates' performance on this project," says Craig Grimsley, Tyson Foods, Inc. "There are many obstacles to deal with when working in a part of the building that operates 24/7. Interstates personnel were responsive to the challenges and always communicated well on problems and changes. Additionally, their abilities in an industrial environment are excellent."

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