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Current Connections

“Current Connections” is a quarterly newsletter showcasing people, projects, features, and innovations that make Interstates stand out from the crowd.

2017 - spring Issue


The Right Blend of Tech and Talk

The Cost of Compressed Air

Avoiding a Data Landmine

Dashboarding for Decision Making

Is Helpful a Business Term?

2017 - winter Issue


Engineering a Team

Design-Build Partnering: Technical Challenge Without the Hassle

Should You Consider An Automation Installed Base Evaluation

Advancements in Green Chemical Manufacturing

Coaching Tree

2016 - fall Issue

Setting the Tone for Success

Visualizing Great Results

Tires & MCC's: Replace Them Before They Blow

An Introduction to Whitelisting

A Powerful Service

The Yes and No Balancing Act

2016 - summer Issue

Leader Message: A Computer as a Teammate?

Fueling Relationships

Making Sense of Cogeneration

Manufacturing & the Internet of Things

In Pursuit of Zero

How Boundaries Create Freedom

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