Leadership Series: Inspiration Behind the Marshall Room

The namesake of the Marshall Conference room is George C. Marshall. Marshall was a devoted servant leader. His leadership and commitment to working around the globe post-war earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953. The award speech for the prize in 1953 highlighted some of the traits which made Marshall so special; hunger for learning, deep care for those under his direction and the highest levels of integrity.

Are you sitting on a landmine or a goldmine of data?

One common problem clients experience is during the data acquisition stage. Your facility may have a number of smart devices and equipment. However, organizing data produced by these devices can get complicated. Organizing your data is a prerequisite to any further action or manipulation data. Unorganized or unusable data can be a disservice to clients than not having any data at all.

Are you getting the most out of your compressed air system?

It’s safe, simple to use, easy to generate, and common to nearly all industrial plants. It’s also one of the most expensive sources of energy. We’re talking about compressed air. Consider its potential to be a sizeable electric load and the availability of tools and services to manage it. Are you getting the most out of your compressed air system?